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Does Advocacy Work?

May 06, 2017 -- 10:43 am

 One month ago, during GRAMMYs on the Hill, 100 GRAMMY winners, nominees and music professionals from all over the country and all walks of life, came to Washington with one goal: to be advocates for the next generation of music creators. Their meetings with legislators were echoed around the country as thousands more turned to social media and other platforms to advocate Congress.  Now, four short weeks later, their work has already begun to pay off.

Music Matters in Washington

April 12, 2017 -- 8:39 am

 Last week, members of Congress gathered at GRAMMYs on the Hill and joined Wynonna Judd on stage for a little bipartisan harmony. They came to Washington to sound the alarm – that if we don’t change music licensing laws, the generation that follows them will not be able to sustain a career making the music the world loves and needs.

Recording Academy Responds, In Four Languages, to Introduction of Radio’s Non-Binding Resolution

January 25, 2017 -- 9:16 am

 In response to the introduction of the National Association of Broadcasters’ nonbinding resolution, The Recording Academy released a guide on how members of Congress can talk to the broadcasters’ lobby about creation of a performance right on radio.

Recording Academy Top Advocacy Wins for 2016

December 27, 2016 -- 7:35 am

2016 was a year of tremendous success for The Recording Academy’s Advocacy efforts.  Here are some of the things the Academy and its members accomplished together.

Five Ways To Stand Up For Music Creators Rights

September 08, 2016 -- 1:27 pm

The relationship between music creators and their fans is a special one, no doubt, and true fans like you want to do what they can to show their support. Here’s a short list of the things you can do to help right now. And while many of them are things you are already doing, we’ve added a couple of suggestions that you might not have thought of.

Summer Travel Tips For Flying With Instruments

June 27, 2016 -- 7:03 am

It's summer! For musicians, that means warmer weather and time for summer music festivals, family vacations, and other opportunities to travel and bring your instrument along for the ride. If you've booked a flight on a commercial airline to your destination, now's the time to refamiliarize yourself with the federal rules for flying with a musical instrument.

Music Makers To Congress: We Are Family

June 09, 2016 -- 1:00 pm

Last month, 200 music creators gathered outside The Capitol for a song and demonstration asking for fair pay. 

It's Time To Upgrade "Notice And Takedown"

April 08, 2016 -- 10:00 am

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act's notice and takedown process needs a takedown of its own. At least until it can undergo an upgrade. 

The Penny Paradox

March 16, 2016 -- 7:30 am

“Isn’t a song worth more than a penny?” 

This is the question I posed to the nearly 27 million viewers of the 58th Annual  GRAMMYs on Feb. 15 as I spoke about the rate at which music creators are compensated by streaming services and other digital distribution platforms.


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