GRAMMY AWARD Clip Licensing Request Form

Please fill this form out completely.  It will help us determine a license rate and begin the internal approval process.  All clips are licensed on a quit claim basis, so all licensees must receive approval from talent and pay any residuals or fees that may arise.

What is your company name as it will read on the license agreement?
What is the name of your main contact as it will appear on the license agreement?
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What is the term you are seeking? How many days, months, years are you looking to license the clip?
If broadcast on TV, how many times will this project run?
What is the territory (state/country/countries) in which this will be broadcast?
Do you need a screener of the footage? (Cost $73)
If approved for license, do you require the HD master of the footage? If yes, you agree to pay $200 per clip.
Date of broadcast or initial release (best estimate) of project?
What is the title of your project?
Who is distributing this project? Network/Theatrical Distributor/Website
Please describe your project in detail and explain the clip in context.
What is the name of the clip(s) you want to license?